Developing Computer Games UE4

In September 2015 the college upgraded to Windows 10 a week before term started, the game engine I used in 2014 was UDK and there appeared to be a few compatibility issues with Windows 10.  I created a fun time attack vehicle game using the UDK assets which was very well received by students and tutors.

I started the games development module in 2015 with the UDK game as a backup, I had tried to use UE4 in 2014 but the college PC’s were not powerful enough to run the engine and UDK struggled when   the game ran full screen.  I was concerned then that UDK was unlikely to be running at all with Windows 10 and so I began testing a few alternatives.

Performance was the biggest obstacle but that didn’t stop me testing, I contacted Unity who quoted £4000 (college said nope!).  I had the techs install CryEngine which has a fantastic spline tool much better than UDK but frame rates suffered with our hardware, and I started looking into Cocos2D before I decided to take a different approach to the design of the game which would allow me to use UE4 even with the performance issues.  I felt this was the right decision to make, Blueprints are exceptionally powerful and UE4 is a leader in the game engine market.

In November I was running out of theory and had to push out the game and tutorials.  I pulled a lot of long hours getting familiar with the tools and engine keeping the design and exercises for the game as simple as possible.  I had started publishing resources on my website, a PowerPoint presentation doesn’t scale screenshots well and PowerPoint fights for resources with the game engine running.

By February I had the game design set up and had watched almost every UE4 tutorial on Pluralsite, I was confident I could push the first series of tutorials out while I completed the final touches on the game.  The first few weeks were published on PowerPoint I plan to write a blog post to share my experience in a little more technical detail and reproduce the web tutorials.  For now you can read the original tutorials and watch the video series I created after completing the game.



Web series: Stampy



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